Black Hair Magic, celebrating all black hair textures and styles

As someone who has changed my hair countless times over the years, I wanted to create a space that highlights the full spectrum of black hair beauty. It doesn’t matter whether you have type 2, 3 or 4 hair; if you wear locs or braids; if you straighten your hair, colour it or wear a wig – you’ll be able to find advice, inspiration and news that caters to you.
When searching for information about the various styles I’ve tried, I noticed that many blogs for black haircare are run by brands trying to sell you something or are limited to a few articles in a largely Western-standard beauty magazine. I want Black Hair Magic to be our own space, where anyone with afro hair can find useful advice, get inspired, share their own experiences and discover amazing products.

If you have any product recommendations or want me to cover any specific blog topics, please email me!

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