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You want to give your hair a burst of colour but you’re wondering which hue will best suit your skin tone? I could tell you what the best bright hair colours are for black girls, but your options really are unlimited. Purple, blue, pink, green, orange and yellow all look amazing on brown skin.

I’ve dyed my hair pink, purple, red and blue – and, they all suited the colour of my skin. I really believe that our brown skin can suit absolutely complement any hair colour and, if you really want to get technical about it, it’s just about getting the undertones right.

Picking the Right Bright Hair Colour for Your Skin Tone

I do a quick little application of colour theory – just like I would when picking out an eyeshadow look or buying a new foundation. I have yellow undertones in my skin, so I look for hair colours the suit that.

So, you want to pick the right hue of any colour you’re thinking of. I’ll use red as an example, because it’s a pretty complicated colour.

If you have yellow or red undertones, a warm red colour will suit you best. This look on Rihanna is a great example of a warm red:

50 Famous Redheads - Iconic Celebrities With Red Hair

For cooler skin tones, you’ll go for a more blue-toned red like Porsha Williams:

Porsha Williams Looks Gorgeous As A Redhead During The Latest Bravo  Chatroom –

Inspiration for Bright Hair Colours on Brown Skin

These are some of my favourite looks I’ve collected over the years of the most gorgeous colourful hair looks on brown skin:

Pinks and Purples

Blues and Greens

Stunning Reds

All The Colours!

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