Dionne Smith, hairdresser to the stars, has launched a new training doll that will make waves in the hairstyling industry. Ebony is one of the first-ever hair dressing training dolls to feature 4C type hair, and will help educate hairstylists on how to maintain and style natural black hair.

When Dionne started her career in hairstyle, she encountered an issue in her training: the only training dolls available had straight hair. Even 20 years later, she notes that black celebrities continue to be faced with a lack of knowledge when it comes to having their hair styled.

“Throughout my career I’ve been asked to train others on Afro textured hair, but sometimes we’ve either struggled to find an available model at short notice, or the trainee may perhaps feel nervous about making mistakes”

an interview with Dionne Smith in The Voice.

The new Ebony hairdressing training doll won’t just help hairdressers. Dionne hopes that she will come in handy for parents who want to practice styling their children’s hair, and even hair influencers keen on learning something new.

Training dolls with afro-textured hair aren’t entirely a brand new concept, but Smith’s official launch of her own product brings attention to the gap in the market. If you do a Google search for an afro hair training doll, you’ll come up with a few options – but none of the sources seem particularly reputable.

The new Ebony doll has been designed by a professional in the industry with a wealth of experience. Dionne has worked with big names like Regina King, Amber Rose Gill, Mel B and Michaela Coel, and has her own line of hair extensions and styling tools.

The new Ebony hairdresser training doll will be back in stock in summer 2021, as her If you pre-order the doll from Dionne Smith’s website, you can get £50 off the full price of £150.

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